What You Need to Know in Buying AA Coins


AA coins are token given to people who have joined alcoholism anonymous groups.   The coins have a lot of meaning to this people and you should not just buy them blindly when you are a recovering addict.   The first thing you need to consider is the color.   You need to get a color that is not going to make your anxious.   By the virtue of what the coins stand for, you can decide to stare at them during the times when the urge to take alcohol is high and besides calming your nerves, the coin will be a reminder of the mission so that you can continue remaining true to your word.   The quality of the material used in making the coin is a crucial issue too.    You do not want a material that is going to fall apart after some while because that means you will keep on having to buy new ones.   This will save you money and the age of the coin will be a reminder of how far you have come in your journey towards remaining sober.

The cost is an important factor too and you should not be forced into making a purchase by an unscrupulous seller.   Business people will always have no regard for ethics if they are driven by money and some will use your situation to get more cash at your expense.    You should not give your time to someone who is trying to close the deal immediately.   Buying the coin from The Token shop should be a personal decision and you should not close the deal because the seller makes you guilty for not having it.   It is important to stick with the dealers who have a good reputation in the market.   Ask for references from the people in your group who have more experience in buying the coins so that you will get a good deal from the start.   Avoid dealing with people who make negative remarks about alcoholism because they will end up making you feel inadequate and this might send you back to drinking again.   Alcoholism is a disease no matter how many people do not agree with this and it takes people who have actually struggled with the condition to understand that.

Do not buy the coin and keep it hidden but ensure you use it count your wins whenever a day goes by without having to drink.   What many people don’t know is that the coins can be sold later on for much more than you bought them at.   Thus, take good care of your coin you get from The Token shop because it can be worth a fortune later on.

You can learn more about coins at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cryptocurrencies-the-bitcoin-market-continues-to-be_us_59b86a43e4b0390a1564d9a2.



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